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Our Beginnings

Aaron Box, James Carrigg and Hana Goltz started First Things First Coffee on the notion that a quick coffee shouldn’t necessarily mean a bad coffee. We wanted to capture the essence of specialty coffee and translate that into something that works perfectly for the modern, time-poor person. 

Our very first store opened in Enfield, SA in 2015. We've since introduced Adelaide to our Salisbury Downs location and our Woodville Park location. 

Drive-Thru... But Good

One of our main goals is to change people’s perspective on ‘drive-thru’. Why should drive-through mean dull, lifeless, calorie laden food? Why shouldn’t the service knock your socks off? Why shouldn’t you be able to get the perfect cup of coffee every time?

First Things First Coffee is a specialty coffee shop at its core… The only difference is that we have a driveway! We have a close working relationship with Code Black Coffee Roasters who keep our shelves stocked with the good stuff. This combination of product, state of the art equipment and of course our highly trained staff will ensure you get the full specialty coffee experience every day; just significantly quicker and without even having to get out of your car!

Our Mission- 'Make Their Day' 

You will never find a speaker box at a First Things First Coffee store! Our team thrive off genuine, personable interactions with our customers. We take pride in consistently delivering on quality in our product and our customer experience. We love being that little spark of happiness in your day!

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